24/03/16: Download "I Hate PEGIDA"
Now you can download our latest song "I Hate PEGIDA" for the low price of nothing. What are you waiting for?

23/03/16: "I Hate PEGIDA" Music Video
We are proud to present our music video for "I Hate PEGIDA". Once again, we have Stiffla Weber to thank for all the effort he put into making it. Say it loud, say it pround: "I hate PEGIDA!"

28/01/16: Meet the new lineup!

Meet the new lineup!

We finally have a new drummer!!! Georg "the" Hatschka of No Silence For Sale has officially joined us on drums. Needless to say we are thrilled We are already working on new songs and hope to get some gigs lined up in the near future. We will keep you posted!

02/07/14: Live in Laa
Get our latest EP "Live in Laa" either here or on Bandcamp for "pay what you like". Thanks again to Andreas "Batze" Bartolovic for the 8 - Track recording of our gig in Laa an der Thaya!!!

13/05/14: So Called Freedom @ Dying Scene
Now you can get our latest album "So Called Freedom" for "pay what you like" via Dying Scene too. I'd like to take this chance to thank Dying Scene for their support! We got a couple hundred plays and 50 or so downloads that we never would have gotten without them. Thx alot!!!

09/05/14: So Called Freedom
Get our latest album "So Called Freedom" either here or on Bandcamp for "pay what you like". Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it ;)

I'm gonna start a war; make big business happy. Rid the world of dictators; 'till none are left but me... - So Called Freedom

24/04/14: Freekout Festival Voting 2014
So, guys, what's happening?
Ah. Yeah. So I guess I'm gonna need you to vote for me....
Ummm, so why don't you go
And click on our picture and like it!
That would be great, mmmk...
oh oh! and I almost forgot ahh...
I'm also gonna need you to go ahead share the link too....
Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and not complain about this.
Oh, and if you could go ahead and ask your friends to like it and share it aswell, that'd be great.


15/04/14: Live in Laa
Many, many thanks to Andreas "Batze" Bartolovic for the 8-Track live recording of us @ the Soundcheck in Laa. As soon as I am done mixing the seperate tracks, we will release our first live EP; Morphine Pilgrims - Live in Laa.

11/04/14: Homepage Update
A lot has happend in the last couple of months; we have finally finished mixing and mastering our album "So Called Freedom", we have released it and "No Logo - REDUX" via CDBbay and we have released our first music video "Pretty Shit Protection". With all of these things taking place, it seemed only fitting to finally update the homepage aswell!

10/04/14: "Pretty Shit Protection" Music Video
So here it is, our music video for "Pretty Shit Protection". I just want to take this opportunity to thank Stiffla Weber, who made it all possible. Thank you so much for all the time you put into it; it turned out awesome! Hope you guys enjoy it!

09/04/14: Tonight - Live @ Viper Room with "Blood or Whiskey"
Our gig tonight is going to be in Vienna @ Viper Room with Blood or Whiskey. Seeyas in the pit!

Live @ Viper Room with Blood or Whiskey

13/02/14: No Logo! REDUX
We have finally released No Logo! REDUX. You can listen to it on our homepage, or on our Bandcamp. It will also be available on CDBaby soon!

03/02/14: Wolf Mask to do 12" Artwork
We are proud to announce that Wolf Mask with be doing the artwork for our upcoming 12". The final mix of our 9 song 12" should be done in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out the Wolf Mask Shop!

31/01/14: Morphine Pilgrims Calculator
Make what our politicians have been promising us for years a reality today: distributive equality!!! The Morphine Pilgrims beer calculator shows you exactly how many beers each party guest deserves. We have spared no costs, hired the best programmers and maximized ease of operation to ensure that our app can be operated in virtually every state (of mind), be it day or night. Just enter the number of beers available & click on "Calculate" - and refill the fridge just in case. Get the Morphine Pilgrims Calculator now!!!

23/01/14: Album Teaser & Homepage Update
New year, new album; check out our new album teaser! We have also removed the Guestbook because it was getting spammed to hell!!!!

28/09/13: Next Gig
Our next gig is going to be @ VENSTER 99 with KAFKAS. Seeyas in the pit!

Kafkas & Morphine Pilgrims @ Venster 99 Poster

04/04/13: SKA meets PUNK
Our next gig is going to be @ Cafe Derwisch with Green Curry. It's gonna be a special night, because it will be the first time in years (5 or 6) that two EX-iNSURGENTS members will be sharing the same stage again (just not in the same band). SKA meets PUNK. Be there!

Morphine Pilgrims & Green Curry Live @ Cafe Derwisch

17/01/13: New Band Photos
Thanks to Roman Vohla we now have new pictures of the band members in the Band section! More photos from our gig @ Shelter will follow...

Morphine Pilgrims Live @ Shelter Poster

15/01/13: News
First off I'd like to thank everyone who came to last weeks gig & Wham Bam Bodyslam! Not only that, but there is a nice review of the gig & a video of our last song thx to Stifla!!! (I also added it to our video section)

07/01/13: YOUTUBE
Happy new year! To celebrate the new year and give you a taste of what awaits you this thursday, we have added 2 new videos from our B72 gig last year... Don't forget to come a see us & Wham Bam Bodyslam @ Shelter this thursday!!!

13/12/12: Live @ Shelter
So our first gig of the new year is now sorted; we'll be playing with our friends Wham Bam Bodyslam @ Shelter on the 10/1/2013. Two bands for € 5, so you will be getting your money's worth... Seeya there!

Wham Bam Bodyslam & Morphine Pilgrims @ Shelter Poster

It looks like we will be playing our first real gig in over a year @ B72 on the 16/10/2012! We are looking forward to putting on a great show and playing you some new songs ;)

23/08/12: Washed Up?
What can I say? It's been a while since our last update, but that doesn't mean that we've been lazy! We have been busy practicing, recording, and doing some acoustic jams over the summer. Check out the video of "Washed Up" in our Video section. More news to come A.S.A.P

04/05/12: No Logo! - Redux
Last night we re-recorded the basslines for our No Logo! EP with our new bassist Manuel Zangl. During the next week or two we hope to do some new backup vocals and remix it! Look forward to hearing No Logo! as you have never heard it before ;)

26/04/12: Morphine Pilgrims Guestbook
Here we go again... Yet another update! Now we have a Guestbook!

23/04/12: Media Pefection Part 2
Another week, another update! The media section has been split up into 2 sections: Music & Videos. To justify adding a new section I also uploaded 2 videos from our last gig @ Weberknecht 2.0. Check 'em out!

20/04/12: Media Pefection
Our first update since going "live". Rather than just linking to our EP's on Bandcamp, the Bandcamp player has now been embedded in the homepage. Now you can listen to / download our tunes directly from the homepage. Hope you enjoy the tunes!

It seems we all don't make the grade; too fat, too ugly, too underpaid... - Media Perfection

17/04/12: Hello World...
So many things have happened this year that I don't know where to start. First things first; our old bassist Simon Lee is no longer with the Morphine Pilgrims. We wish him all the best for his future musical endeavours, and hope to still be able to get a jam in with him here and there.

This brings me to the next important piece of news. Our new bassist is called Manuel Zangl, previously of Recall to Life. We are already practicing our songs with him and hope to have some gigs lined up in the near future.

Oh yeah, and we have a new homepage...

P.S: you're looking at it!!!

I picked up the pieces; now I'm throwing them away... - The Great Fall